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The Benefits Of Wide Format Printing

Posted on: September 25, 2018    Posted by: Brandon Cordoves

Wide format printing is a tool used by many industries to get their message out and into the community through the combination of print with the environment. There are many benefits to printing in a wide format such as visibility, versatility, and durability.

What Is Wide Format Printing?

The printing process is similar to digital printing but uses a larger scale of printers with nozzles. Paper stocks are combined within the printer where the ink is applied to separate materials. UV pigments are used for the ink to prevent the images from fading. They are not as bright in color but they’re fade-resistant and are perfect for outdoor use. The added durability is great for mediums such as banners, canvases, and floors.

The images will stay vivid in outside locations, which is great for advertising a business effectively over a long period of time. Dance floors are a common medium for designs. Any outdoor art will remain intact despite weather to preserve the significance of the location. An image will also need to fit on something that is large which may not necessarily be a good surface for painting. Wide printing adheres to many different surfaces.

Dance floors are stepped on and scuffed all throughout a night of dancing. Having a dance floor pattern can be a nice touch to a party, but the pattern or image should be able to handle the traffic. If it becomes faded it won’t look so good. High-quality materials used in the printing process will last and avoid removal to preserve the theme all throughout the night.

Graphics At Any Place 

Images are the standard in advertising. Attracting the attention of potential customers in locations where they may not be expecting it helps a business to stand out above the competition. The versatility of wide format printing allows this. Wide format printers can print larger sizes than a conventional printer and on a variety of different materials.

Blueprints and schematics for architecture require large prints so that their fine details can be seen. Large company presentations can be difficult to present even with large projectors. Large-scale prints can ensure that all of the information is visible to everyone in the room. Schools can also benefit from large prints for essential educational graphics such as periodic tables or alphabets. They not only serve the purpose of teaching but will improve the appearance of a classroom.

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