Wide Format Printing

Images can attract new clients as they are effective marketing tools with many different applications. Typically, large images are seen on billboard advertisements, displayed at trade-shows, or shown on a building’s exterior. The advancements in printer technology now allow additional options for displaying images and graphics. Wide format printers, as the name suggests, can print larger sizes than a conventional printer. They can also print on a variety of different materials, providing an assortment of options. At Bombshell Graphics, we offer a range of wide format printing services that are great for different events such as conventions, store promotions, weddings and more. Here are some of the ways that large format printing is used.

Architectural Industries

Engineering and architectural firms use wide format printing as blueprints and schematics have finite details. Those intricate details can make it impossible to see unless they are printed out on large prints. Industries that use schematics, floor plans, blueprints, or diagrams know that printing in large sizes is a specialized service that is not available anywhere.


Executives and upper management personnel in the corporate world often use presentations as a way to make a new announcement or to share ideas. That information can be difficult to present if traditional printing is used. Large-scale printing can ensure that all of the information provided is clearly visible to everyone in the room.


Wide format printing provides a plethora of advertising opportunities for any business, regardless of the industry. Advertisements can be easily created with a large format printer. Signs, posters, banners, window displays are just some of the ways companies can advertise using wide format printing. Whether you are advertising your company or promoting a specific event, wide format printing can make your graphics stand out.


Education facilities such as public schools, universities, and vocational centers can benefit from an improved curriculum. The presentations that can be created with a wide format printer are comprehensive, and visible to all students. They are also interesting enough to hold a person’s attention while displaying useful educational materials.

At Bombshell graphics, we specialize in a variety of printing services, such as custom graphics, screen printing, and wide format printing services. Our printing equipment and trained professionals can help bring your design concept into reality. We offer wide format printing in Boston, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Hartford, Long Island, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington DC Westchester, and nearby areas.

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