4 Ways to be a Lazy Marketing Genius with a Vehicle Wrap

Posted on: April 4, 2016    Posted by: Bombshell Graphics

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Marketing magic is a special situation where the stars align and people flock to your business for almost no effort on your part. Imagine… Parking your car to pick up a pizza, an excited man runs up to you with a fistful of cash and asks if he can buy all the widgets you have in your trunk! You guys chat briefly and strike a deal! Sure, the pizza cheese inside is hardening like your arteries, but you’re a widget mogul now! You can buy the whole town cold pizzas! As exciting as that was, prepare for it to get even better!

When you pull up to the convenience store to get some real soda because your family insists on pizza from the new artisan wood-fired pizza place that only serves natural sodas that use some combination of sugarcane and ginger, another person runs up and starts asking questions about widgets. Is it widget day? With a cordial excitement, you answer every widget question she could fling at you and hope you just hooked another widget lover. Hopping in to get your soda, your phone buzzes with commotion as a new client wanting your widget is calling. You can now book a vacation from the sales you made on an evening pizza run! What gives?

It’s so simple and people have been doing it for years, but until you experience the magic you don’t realize its power. Marketers tout the value of this type of ad, but have you ever experienced the level of brand engagement that happens when you drive one? If the design of your wrap is perfectly conceived, implemented, and aligned with your message, you can let your vehicle start a conversation with everyone around you. My car is wrapped and I talk to people all day long. Strangers run up to me to ask questions about my business. People who have no need for my services call me just to tell me they saw it (and then talk to people they know who DO need my services). This is a one-time investment that lasts longer and offers a more dynamic reach than nearly any other marketing asset available. And you don’t have to do a thing. Combine it all with social media and your brand is on fire.

Check out some stats if you don’t believe me.  If you want to deliver all that impressive data, here are the main nuggets: the cost per thousand impressions (roughly $.04 depending on a number of factors) is a tiny fraction of the cost of outdoor and newspaper advertising, is generally less than most valuable website advertising, and renews itself every day/month/year for free for the life of your vehicle! It’s basically like going viral in the most analog way possible.

“You speak about laziness, but how lazy can I actually be?” (I’m sure you just asked me) VERY. We’re the experts and our success is built on your success. If you can give us a full picture of your brand and goals, we can give you the best approach to appearing the most creative, contemporary, and relevant in your industry. We will work with you on calls to action and “drive” sales where you need them the most. We can also outline the best ways to integrate the wrap with your social media campaign (or implement one, ya old-timer) to close the modern marketing loop and gain the largest reach. We’re not just vehicle wrappers, we’re excited young creatives eager to help you!

You said 4 things! I didn’t see a list!

OK! OK! To sum up…

  1. You have to do basically nothing
  2. People can interact with you in person – and do
  3. It’s dirt cheap per impression
  4. It’s like going analog viral

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