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What is Environmental Graphics and Large Format Printing

Posted on: April 12, 2021    Posted by: Aubyn Lewis

What is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing isn’t possible using professional small format printers similar to the desktop models that are found in many offices.

Although most jobs can be done with flatbed digital printing, others that demand larger formats with superior printing quality will require the services of professional printing companies like Bombshell Graphics.

Bombshell Graphics utilizes wide format printers that can print in color or black and white. Both offer superior product and print quality. We are also able to print onto various types of unique printing materials that extend beyond paper, such as vinyl, metal, glass, fabric, canvas, wood, and many other unique materials.

When you need to print on larger surfaces or materials, this type of printing is the most common option that yields affordable, professional, high-quality results.

What are the Different Types of Wide Format Printing?

With so many different ways that larger prints can be utilized in professional and private environments, there are numerous printing types and ink types that are used to achieve the desired results.

Quality printing is usually achieved through ink transfer or non-water-based ink transfer processes:

  • Non-Water-Based Ink Transfer Printing – Durable Results

Non-water-based ink transfer processes generally yield more durable results, but they can be odorous because they use solvents. Typically, solvents are used when non-paper products must be printed on. For example, glass and ceramics, metal, and wood are common materials used during this large format printing process.

  • Ink Transfer Printing in New Jersey – Fade Resistant UV Ink

With ink transfer processes, dye or UV ink may be used to achieve beautiful results. UV ink is designed so that it will not fade when exposed to UV light, so it may be more suitable for use in outdoor applications.

Wide Format Printing in New Jersey Used For Environmental Graphics

The phrase “environmental graphics” is used a lot when discussing graphic designs for businesses. Even though it is a commonly used phrase, many people still ask…What is environmental graphics?

Environmental graphic designs are graphics that work to integrate a story within an existing environment. This can be a building or other structure.  The graphic integrated with the surrounding environment to create an experience that conveys a specific message or feeling.

Types of Environmental Graphic Designs

  • Wayfinding systems are systems in places like offices, hospitals, and parking garages that help people find their way AKA spatial problem-solving. These systems inform the person in the environment about their current location as well as how to find their desired location.
  • Interactive experiences focus on engagement with the user with a physical space such as points within a room that educate and prompt users to interact with the physical point.
  • Public installations are free viewing experiences that are a marketing opportunity as well as an educational experience for the viewer.
  • Exhibition designs deliver information by telling a story through graphic design, architecture, technology, and interactive design.
  • Placemaking and identity graphic design show viewers where they are currently located and use color, pattern, typography, and motion to help them navigate the space.


If it’s time for you to give your business window graphics a refresh, call us today! Our studio is ready to set up a consultation appointment to discuss graphics specific to your branding needs.  For any inquiries, you may call Bombshell Graphics at 862-210-8408 or visit our contact page.

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